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Our business

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Business travel, meetings, events and accommodation solutions are at the heart of our business. We take a holistic approach to the entire process – from planning and booking, to efficient payment methods, administration, and statistical monitoring. We're passionate about working together with our customers and strive to help our customers develop in accordance with their needs and market conditions.

On the right track since 1991

Travel Service was established in 1991 as a traditional travel agency. Over the years, we have developed and secured a solid foundation in sensible and efficient planning, and the co-ordination and monitoring of a company's business travel. We have evolved into a competent and integral partner in business travel, trade fair trips, meetings, conferences, events, and accommodation solutions, and can demonstrate a documented ability to go the extra mile in comparison with traditional travel agencies.

Independent travel agent

We think it's important to emphasise that Travel Service is an independent company. We have no hidden connections or other agreements with suppliers that could influence the suggestions, services, and travel recommendations that we make and offer to our customers.

We value your trust

Even when your needs are constantly changing – from flight and train reservations to tailor-made conference trips and accommodation solutions – we'll always give you the same high levels of attention and efficient service. You're important to us, and we value your trust and your time.

Personal service

At Travel Service, you have your own contact person and just one telephone number to call – all to make things easier for our customers. We'll get to know you and your needs so as to quickly find a solution that suits you. We place considerable importance on our ability to familiarise ourselves with your requirements and expectations, and work to fulfil them in the best way we can.

Knowledge and experience

Travel Service is supported by a team of skilled and experienced employees, all specialists in their field. Thanks to our knowledgeable, committed, self-motivated, and responsive problem-solvers, who have many years of global experience, we can offer flexible and customised all-in-one solutions.


Travel Service is a secure partner and holds an AAA rating and the highest credit worthiness at both UC and IATA – licence number 80 2105 2 – 4. Travel Service has also issued guarantees to Kammarkollegiet and is a member of SRF, the Swedish Travel Agency Association.

Active ISO work related to quality and environment

At Travel Service, we constantly strive to improve the way we work, and in so doing promote the growth not only of our company, but also of our customers. We work according to the world's most established frameworks for quality and environmental management systems – ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Thanks to these efforts, we can bring out the best in our organisation and understand the processes that need to be followed in order to offer our customers first-class products and services.

Travel Service actively implements an environmental programme which offers many benefits, not only for Travel Service as a company – in the form of the reduced use of resources and lower waste management costs – but also for the environment at large.

Member of Travel Support

Travel Service is part of Travel Support, the leading organization for independent travel companies. Over 100 travel companies are connected to the Travel Support, which allows us to exploit the economies of scale Travel Supports purchasing and supplier agreements offer. Thanks to Travel Support we have access to a number of important support services such as the industry-leading online self-booking tool for corporate and business travel customers.

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