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UC Gold – Highest credit rating

Travel Service holds the highest credit rating at UC, UC GOLD (Risk class 5). This indicates that Travel Service is a trustworthy and stable partner to do business with. The credit rating is based on “UC Risk Företag”, which is the market’s most reliable credit rating model.

UC Risk Företag

The credit rating system UC Risk Företag obtains information about whether a company is creditworthy. UC Risk Företag is updated daily and the system calculates the risk of a company becoming insolvent within a year, which means that the company is not creditworthy. By insolvency, UC means a situation in which the company cannot meet all its payment obligations. In order to easily assess whether the risk is high or low for a company, all Swedish companies are classified in risk classes 1 to 5, whereby 5 is the lowest risk of insolvency.

Risk Class 5 – Gold Seal

The company is deemed to have high creditworthiness. 99.76% or greater probability of survival.

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