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Accommodation solutions

“The right accommodation at the right time”

Searching for accommodation is often very time consuming, from finding a suitable location, negotiating prices, making bookings and managing rebookings to making useful follow-ups and post-administration. We’re here to help with all types of accommodation solutions and we’re happy to give advice regardless of whether you’re looking for basic accommodation, hostels, cottages, self-catering facilities, or hotels for just one night or a longer period. Town or country, it makes no difference – we’ll find the right property for the right occasion, while sorting out all the practical details for quick and easy accommodation management.

Why Travel Service?

“Since we stopped on-site card payment and the use of vouchers when we began using Travel Service, we’ve cut project administration for accommodation by over 50%.”

Bengt Carlsson
Project manager and customer

“I’m delighted by the accommodation solutions delivered by Travel Service, whether it’s a few nights for a few people, or the times we’ve had help with long stays for larger groups.”

Ingemar Stendal
Planner and customer

“The collaboration with Travel Service has lightened the load for our project managers. One conversation settles the matter and the project managers can instead concentrate on what they’re best at.”

Stefan Thorstensson
HR and customer

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