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Air Broker

We can arrange all types of flights for large and small groups, everything from private jets for only a few people to self-chartered planes for hundreds of people. No trip is too small or too big for us. We will help you regardless of whether you are a company, business traveller, travel agency, tour operator, event company or a Travel Manager.

Advantages of chartering your own plane:

• Your own choice of destination, date and departure times
• No congestion or stopovers
• Your own check-in and security check



Business, private and taxi flights

Save time and get from A to B quickly. We take you to airports where the regular flights do not go, without long ground transports or time-consuming stopovers. You can decide the timetable yourself and avoid extra accommodation costs if you travel during the day. The benefits are many and you can choose wheter to work on board or relax in good comfort.

Travel Service has access to all types of aircrafts, including private jets, helicopters and VIP-configured aircraft - anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.


Your own charter

With our own charter we can tailor:
• Conference travel
• Events
• Concert and orchestra trips
• Sports club trips

Travel Service offers complete and specially adapted solutions for group charters, which means maximum convenience and flexibility. The benefits include special check-in arrangements, higher luggage weight, custom catering and the possibility of graphic profiling on everything from headrests to the entire aircraft.

Air freight

When you need to transport on your own, we can deliver reliable and cost-effective air freight charter services for:
• Instrument shipping
• Heavy and awkward objects
• Extra valuable goods
• Dangerous goods

Travel Service provides commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, high season and shipping projects. We can also offer pre-flight advice on packaging requirements, customs and warehousing, as well as monitor aircraft loading and unloading. 


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