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Business travel

“When everything works”

You know the feeling when everything comes together? It’s precisely this feeling that our customers value. As business travel experts, we’re here to help with your day-to-day travel needs in everything from efficient travel planning, time-consuming booking processes, support, and assistance during the journey. We also provide any statistics or follow-ups that you require.

Why Travel Service?

“The financial monitoring provided by Travel Service gives us a clear idea of compliance with our travel policy and enables us to manage our purchasing behaviour better than before.”

Stefan Lindström
Head of Finance and customer

“From the very beginning, Travel Service’s unique business model gave us a clear idea of where we wanted to be and how we would follow this up.”

Ann-Sofie Lund
HR and customer

“When we worked out the internal hourly cost of booking travel, we realised it was far more profitable to let Travel Service take care of everything. Now we also get a general overview of our travel and have recently signed a profitable supplier agreement.”

Anders Persson
Managing Director and customer

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