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Orchestra tours

Travel Service has many years of experience in arranging complete tour trips for large and small orchestras. We offer a variety of services, everything from budgetary solutions to VIP service.

Each tour is unique and different from the next and our experts know how to plan a tour where all the pieces will fall into place and where the execution feels safe and professional for all participants.

Planning and coordination

Travel Service takes care of the booking of regular/charter flights, ferrys, trains, coaches, hotels, and restaurants etc. We negotiate with suppliers and partners on a regular basis to be able to always offer the best price.

We are often involved in the planning right from the start and give advice on how timetables and external circumstances can affect a perfect execution.


Shipping of instruments

There will be no concert without instruments. We transport instruments with temperature-controlled trucks, regular flights, or private jet charters, depending on requirements and timetable. Travel Service can also assist with the documentation required for international transport of instruments.

Visiting orchestras

Our competence and service have made us well known and therefore we also take care of visiting orchestras on tour in Scandinavia. Because of our agreements with suppliers our rates make us attractive to international orchestras.


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