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Digital meetings

Over the last 30 years, we have arranged physical meetings and events for our customers. Nowadays, we also assist with digital meetings, as a safer and more sustainable alternative with reduced travel and increased social distancing.

Digital conference
A digital conference is really the same principle as a physical conference, only that it takes place in a virtual space.

A webinar is like an online seminar. It is usually a live broadcast, and we also offer the opportunity to watch a recorded version afterwards. Any participant that has a connection to the internet, can join. Only the speaker can be seen and heard. Participants can chat and ask questions.

Hybrid meeting
A hybrid meeting is a meeting where a part of the audience joins from the office and another part joins remote. The meeting can also take place in a studio (created in an environment that suits your purpose). Presentations can be pre-recorded, and the meeting can include parallel sessions and panel debates.

Advantages of hybrid meetings:

Of course, we provide the latest technology and all desired service. If you need help planning and carrying out your meetings, we will help you! Call us on 031-719 10 00 or use the contact form.


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